Your Online Business

I only teach and endorse one “method” of making money online.

Provide something of value to a hungry audience on a consistent basis.

I don’t believe in autoblogging, using duplicate content, scraping sites, feeders or promising riches to entice others to buy your product.

There are a number of ways to make money online, and there are videos on this site that will highlight a lot of them.

The fastest way to get started online no matter what money making road you end up on is to get your own domain and start providing original, quality content on a subject you’re passionate about…

  1. Do some domain research at: or
  2. Register the domain at or
  3. Find a quality webhost or join my private hosting network –
  4. Install WordPress via Cpanel’s Fantastico software suite
  5. Start writing original keyword optimized content
  6. After you post 5-10 articles apply for Google AdSense. Don’t monetize until you’re providing value.
  7. Post new articles and generate backlinks on a consistent basis.

Consider those 7 steps your first test to see if you have the aptitude for online marketing.

Ask yourself this one simple question about your website.  If you were surfing the web and discovered your site for the first time.  Would you bookmark your own site?

If not, then chances are you’re not providing enough value to your visitors.

If so, then great.  Focus on that one site and build your AdSense income and traffic.

Once that site is generating daily income and traffic, you can consider creating new domains.   But a mistake that’s often made by new marketers is in creating multiple domains before they have had any success.

If you owned a brick and mortar business, you wouldn’t expand until you’re first location was profitable.  Don’t do it online either…

Here are two posts of mine I highly recommend reading.

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  1. Eric Hiatt Says...

    Moving on to next domain before success describes me perfectly. You called me out on that back Socrates launched. I still do it but I am getting better at it. The first year was all about learning websites. Now I am doing more focus work. Never imagined that it would take a full year just to learn the basics. Now I see why workshops are priced the way they are, its the value they bring.


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